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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Advanced Segments in Google Analytics

Within Google Analytics you may have noticed the "Advanced Segments" section on the left side of your menu. This feature allows you to track how people find you on etsy with a great deal of precision. Below you will find a detailed set of instructions:
  1. Log into Google Analytics
  2. Click "Advanced Segments" on the left side
  3. Click "Create new custom report"
  4. Under "Dimensions" click "Content"
  5. Drag the "Page" box to the Dimension slot (see image below)

  6. In the drop down menu select "Contains"
  7. In the Value box put "ref=sr" (More options for this text will be provided below)
  8. Click "Test Segment" which should cause some results to pop up
  9. In the "Name segment:" box put "search"
  10. Click "Create Segment"
  11. Follow steps 4-10 again but this time enter the text "ref=fp" in your value box and name it "front page"
  12. Follow steps 4-10 again but this time enter the text "ref=pounce" in your value box and name it "pounce"
You have now set-up three new advanced segments that will track visits from search, front page, and pounce features on Etsy.

To see the results follow the steps below:
  1. Click "Analytics Settings" at the top left
  2. Click "View Report"
  3. Click "Content"
  4. In the upper right corner click the "All Visits" menu
  5. Check off your new segments (see picture below)

  6. Click "Apply"
You should now see some nice graphs showing you where some of your visits are coming from. To make this even better you can use more specific values. Below I will list some of the common etsy values; you can use some or all of them when creating or editing your segments.

More of a visual learner? Check out this video!

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  1. Hello,

    I was able to do steps 1-5, but I do not see a drop down for "Contains" or any value box. After dragging "Page" over- I dont see any more options. Can you help? Thanks!


  2. When you drop the "page" into the box it should bring up to new things to the right, if it did not try refreshing your browser.

    It should come up with "Condition" .. just click the box write below that and choose "Contains"

    Keep me updated!


  3. Hi Susan, Just set up these new GA sections, thanks to your CRYSTAL CLEAR instructions!

    Can't wait to see who comes via these three places.

    YOU ROCK, girl!! THANKS again!

  4. Just did all the steps, and came up with some weird results. All my visits say fp, with 0 from search or pounce. As I've never been on the fp why does it say this?
    I appreciate your info! Thank you for taking the time!

  5. how many fp views are we talking? if its only a couple each day its probably from new listings. Every time you list a new item it appears on the front page for a view seconds.

    I guess the other thing to check is that you named them correctly .. maybe you name search front page .. and vice versa.


  6. This may be a stupid question, but for the "search by list mode" one should our value be "ref=sr_list_1 through sr_list_21" or should we create 21 different segments?

  7. hi celeste,

    not a stupid question at all! you do not need to create 21 different segments unless you really wanted to. you could just use "ref=sr_list" as the value just make sure to select "contains"