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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Google Analytics Questions

Originally submitted by: piddix

Question #1: Using Google Analytics, is there a way to tell who has made it to a shopping cart page?

Google Analytics does have an e-commerce tracking system built in for you to track shopping carts. However, since Etsy does not give us html control of our shops it is not possible to track your shopping cart using Google Analytics.

This is a quote directly from Etsy: "No, at this time we do not support e-commerce conversion tracking, however we are actively reviewing how to enable conversion tracking for sellers through Google Analytics."

I would predict that at sometime in the future this will be made available to us.

Question #2: Using Google Analytics, can I see what pages a group of people have looked at?

You can see who has looked at certain pages on your shop.
  1. Log into Google Analytics
  2. Click on "View report"
  3. Click on "Content"
  4. Click on "Top Landing Pages"
This will list each page in your shop and how many people visited it. There is a small link button to the left of each page for you to see which page it is if you do not recognize your listings by number.

If you click on the blue link for each of your pages you will be able to see more detailed information. From here click "Navigation Summary" part way down the page on the right-hand side. This will tell you what page they went to next or if they left your shop.

Furthermore, if you would like to see everything a specific user did, click on "Entrance Paths" instead of "Navigation Summary." You can then select a page by clicking on it and it will tell you where they went next.

This tool should help you track how visitors move around in your site.

Unfortunately, as Etsy users we do not have a lot of the flexibility that is built into Google Analytics, like tracking where visitors coming from craftcult.com end up. I am crossing my fingers for some more functionality soon.

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  1. Thank you for the clear, easy to understand information. Little by little I'm beginning to understand GA.

  2. This rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

    I spent hours looking for this answer with no luck. Thank you thank you thank you.