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Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to be Noticed by Etsy Admins

There is no real answer to this question but I do have one handy tip that may help. Do you regularly read the Storque Blog? If not I would head over there right now and catch up. This is where admins hang out! You can leave comments on their posts and a lot of the time they ask for suggestions on items they will highlight. I do not guarantee that they will read every comment but I am pretty sure they read a lot of them because I see admins responding to comments all the time.

I do recommend that before posting comments, make sure you have a top notch avatar that will grab their attention. Good luck!

Love Always,


  1. Great advice thank you. I always forget to look and comment the storque. I love your blog and appreciate all the help. Thank you!

  2. Good idea! I'm going to try it. Thank you!

  3. Thanks, Susan...as usual, great info. But I was wondering, what would be considered a "top notch avatar" that would grab attention?

  4. heh .. I suppose that all depends. but some things to consider would be ..

    1. relates to your shop, good representation of what you sell
    2. sharp colors
    3. clear, not blury, can tell what it is
    4. eye-catching, makes me want to click

    .. hope that helps!


  5. Good points. Regardless of what it is, clear and colorful would be important. Thanks again.