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Monday, June 15, 2009

Front Page Tags June 08 - 14, 2009

Here is last weeks list of tags that Etsy Admins used to find front page items. If you are wondering what this is all about check out this post: How to Get on the Front Page of Etsy
  • avocado
  • beige
  • birds and bees
  • camera
  • eco friendly
  • fiber
  • floral
  • geometric
  • gray
  • herb
  • lace
  • lemon
  • midnight
  • neon
  • organic
  • rustic
  • travel
  • wheat
  • woodgrain

Love Always,


  1. Interesting, but does using the tag from last week help us get close to the Front Page this week? Just asking :)

    Btw, I have a section of Fiber Jewelry in my shop, so fiber is one tag I use regularly, but I've never made it to the front page!

    Don't mind me; I'm just disappointed at having no sales for over a month now :( Your blog is very useful, and I've picked up several good tips from it!

  2. Yes, it does. Mostly because the admins reuse tags quite a bit. Organic and ecofriendly for example have been used between 10 and 15 times. I hope you get to the front page soon!